With the sun on their backs and the spider’s lair behind them, the Dragon Friends have made their way to Lake Zarovich and the mysterious gypsy camp of Madame Eva. What dangers lie in store, and is it possible that all of this is maybe just a little bit racist?


Philge poisoned, Freezo in pain, and Bobby still missing, Kareena takes them to a camp of gypsies, being careful to walk in the shade. They arrive and meet Lancel. He tells them that they all look tired and pale, and Kareena says it's because she's paleo.

Kareena casts a Minor Illusion of Horsey Two-Horse and Baston is overjoyed to see him. Freezo casts Find Familiar to summon his new pseudodragon, Bushu. After a while the Dragon Friends are lead to Madame Eva's tent, which is thick with the smoke of sandalwood. She has a vision, clutching Philge and Freezo's hands. She tells them she sees Bobby, and she sees a beautiful woman trapped in Castle Ravenloft. She tells Philge that Bobby is in a cavern under a great tree, and that if they seek him, he will turn on them. They spend the night. In the morning, Lancel tells them where to find the tree they are looking for.

They arrive at the Cave under the Tree and find the Relic of Pelor. Freezo grabs it first, so Kareena attacks him, beginning combat. She tells them that she works for Strahd Von Zarovich and all she wants is the relic. Kareena shatters Freezo's quarterstaff and all of his sunglasses. She turns into a cloud of bats and disappears.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Edan Lacey does a hillbilly jig during the episode


  • "Is a complaining piano player part of your customs gypsy man?" -Philge

Table Talk

  • Michael Hing realizes that Witch Bolt is actually a concentration spell