Sometimes when you're a girlfriend was a song improvised by Bobby Pancakes and Johnny Playstation in attempt to calm down Johnny (and thus, via his reverse empathy implant, the audience) after a gunfight erupted in his concert at Chiba. While most of the Johnny Playstation songs were planned to occur in the podcast but improvised by Tom Walker, this one was not only improvised but unplanned.

I know you're all feeling some strong emotions right now, 
But that's just part of growing up!
Listen to my sweet song!

Sometimes when you're a girlfriend,
Your boyfriend leaves you.
But that doesn't mean it's the end of things,
You're going to pull through.
You gotta be strong (strong, strong),
It'll take a long time, maybe,
But believe in yourself, baby,
And be strong, strong, strong, strong, strong..
Listen to my song.