A full moon is no time for a werewolf. A tiny cave is no place to be trapped with a werewolf. The Dragon Friends ponder these universal truths when suddenly a challenger appears!


Still in the tomb, Philge, Freezo, and Baston think someone is there but are not listening well enough to notice. Bobby Pancakes returns and notices that they are not paying attention, so he ties their shoelaces together and then yells "Fire!" Which causes them to fall over. After everyone is stood up again (and Bobby gives Philge an apology hug), they ask him where he has been and why he is carrying chains and a huge sack of raw steaks. He explains that he had a vision from Pelor telling him to come to this cave. Philge remembers that she is poisoned. Bobby encourages his friends to stay in the cave for the evening. The Dragon Friends notice that Bobby is dragging behind him a large amount of stuff, including chains, a large chair, and raw steaks. Freezo confronts Bobby and asks him if the reason he left is that he is struggling with his werewolf transformations. Philge eats all of the steaks that were meant to satiate his wolf form. She still believes that she is a were-spider.

Baston lights a fire inside the cave, and Freezo tries to tie up Bobby and immediately fall asleep, Philge spooning Baston. Bobby transforms into a werewolf and breaks free from his bonds; Philge doesn't wake up, and Freezo dashes for the exit, but runs into Edvard Oswick, a strangely-dressed villager with a pot on his head. Without learning anything else about him, Freezo immediately declares that he has no respect for him. This begins the rivalry between Freezo and Edvard. Freezo stops running to have an argument.

Edvard reveals he has traveled across Barovia to track down a fearsome beast which has killed all the livestock in his home town of Wickshire. Freezo tries to convince Edvard to kill Bobby. Edvard believes the werewolf is the monster he's looking for and charges him. The werewolf personality of Robert emerges and smoothly pleads innocence about having killed livestock. They begin combat, finally waking Philge. She and Baston manage to restrain Robert with the chains. Freezo makes the chains taste like meat to distract Robert.

Philge explains to Edvard that they don't want to kill the werewolf, because he is their friend. Freezo tries to tie up Edvard. After Baston stops Freezo, the Dragon Friends explain their quest. Robert gets free but slams into the wall and knocks over a dusty old urn.

A vortex of dust rises up and a voice complains at having been disturbed. A swirling spooky ghosticle specter rises up and begins to attack. Edvard offers the saucepan he was using as a helmet to be a replacement urn. This creates a moment of confusion as skeletons begin to rise up. Freezo summons Bushu to act as a distraction and dance with the skeletons. They run, Philge using the chain to leash and muzzle Robert.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "More Scooby, less Scrappy?" - Simon, about Bobby's werewolf form
  • "Bobby, there was one horse, and I was running low on hitpoints. And I also learned that if I kill a thing, I get hitpoints. I'll let you fill in the gaps." - Freezo filling in Bobby on his murder of Horsey Two-Horse
  • "Truly, one does not get the familiar one wants, but the familiar one deserves." — Dave, after Bushu refuses to follow Freezo's orders

Table Talk

  • Simon Greiner warns everyone that he might have to leave at any moment because his wife is heavily pregnant
  • Simon licks a microphone while recording this episode.