Hey, Bakers' Boy!

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A full moon is no time for a werewolf. A tiny cave is no place to be trapped with a werewolf. The Dragon Friends ponder these universal truths when suddenly a challenger appears!



Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)



Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Tie Their shoelaces - Bobby ties Philge & Freezo's shoelaces together upon their emotional reunion. (Baston doesn't want to be left out so he falls over, too.)


  • "We're professionals... professionals!" - Edan Lacey singing a little song in the pre-show about how professional they all are
  • "It was a night unlike any other. I walked into a bar, and I..." "I don't want to hear another episode of Freezo Nights." - Michael Hing & Simon Greiner.
  • "Bobby, there was one horse, and I was running low on hitpoints. And I also learned that if I kill a thing, I get hitpoints. I'll let you fill in the gaps." - Freezo filling in Bobby on his murder of Horsey Two-Horse

Table Talk

  • Simon warns everyone that he might have to leave at any moment because his wife is heavily pregnant
  • Simon licks a microphone while recording this episode.