Gribbits (originally named Gribbons, but no one cared) is the lawyer appointed the Dragon Friends when they were on trial at Frisko's Camp. He is tricked by Freezo to serve as their Champion during the Trial of Cunning. Despite his protestations, when they escaped, they took him with them. He escaped from them at the outskirts of Waterdeep, but they met him again working for Janos Meer, when they again forced him to go with them, this time by Philge strapping him to her chest.

Gribbits hates the Dragon Friends, and simply does not want to be with them.

They meet him again in the first season of Tomb of Annihilation. He becomes more comfortable and friendly with the Dragon Friends after Philge attaches a chain to him and hurls him at an enemy, using him as a makeshift flail. This earns him the nickname "Gribbits The Weapon".

Gribbits appears prominently in the adventure module The Gribbits Detective Agency, in which he hires the player characters to investigate Janos Meer's disappearance.