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Michael Hing as Freezo, The Audition

Freezo is a high elf Warlock and member of the Dragon Friends. He is known for bluntness, cynicism, and general bloodthirsty lack of impulse control, but is also very protective of his friends Philge and Bobby Pancakes. Freezo is a strong (some might say too strong) proponent of various social causes. He loves costumes of all kinds, dreams of becoming a baker, and is a strong proponent of unions.

Upon reaching Warlock Level 2, Freezo gains a pseudodragon familiar named Bushu who regards him with loathing. Freezo later set Bushu free while exploring the Tomb of Annihilation, before encountering him again in the Feywild in I've Got A Song As Well.

His overall ruthlessness has led to a disproportionally high kill count among the Dragon Friends, usually Murder by Witch Bolt.

Before the Dragon Friends

Freezo was abandoned in his infancy at the door of the Temple of Mystra in Daggerford. Per the events of A Very Dragon Chrisfriends, his parents sensed a dangerous potential in their son, and hoped that priests and scholars could provide appropriate guidance and discipline.

Freezo was raised as an acolyte under the care of Mistress Lorna. Sheltered inside temple walls, his adventures with the Dragon Friends represent his first exposure to the outside world. Freezo has difficulty adjusting to the stresses and opportunities of outside life and resorts with a mixture of eagerness, social ineptitude and outright murder.

Speaking Ten to Ten revealed that Freezo's dark patron, and the source of his Warlock powers, is Robbie Silver - a demonic theatrical agent. Robbie admitted to having been disappointed with Freezo failing to respond to the message he was sending in his dreams, and Freezo points out that as a High Elf, he does not sleep and thus does not dream.

Freezo's Funhouse (Part 2) also revealed that Freezo's first victim was a white dragon named Atirius. Even a young white dragon would be a formidable opponent for a level 1 Warlock, so this presumably occurred during a training exercise at the monastery or in a group (or he just Witch Bolted a freshly hatched Wyrmling)

Season 1

Season 2

A Very Dragon Chrisfriends (2016)

Season 3

Freezo began the season as he meant to go on by Eldritch Blasting the circuitry of the Friends' prison door, gaining the attention of Mr. Sour who recruited them to protect Johnny Playstation - a mission which Freezo misunderstood several times in front of his superiors as a request to kill Johnny, or to kill Glitter Gleam, the gnome who threatened Johnny's life at his Chiba concert. When Sour offered them a choice of items to take with them, Freezo was the only one to think to ask for a gun, becoming the only member armed with a modern weapon (which he named Benny Davis). He uses the gun to shoot Briggs (1 victim), a Playstation fan sneaking around backstage, who was only looking for an autograph but did brandish a weapon at the Friends; the abrupt brutality of his non-magical death sinks in to him for a moment leaving him in stunned silence. When Glitter Gleam attempts to attack Johnny, Freezo fires again, causing a riot to start as Johnny's panic is conducted to the audience by his reverse empathy but incidentally saving his life by distracting him and Glitter just as a heavy effects unit was about to fall on him.

While attending Glitter Gleam's show at the Guggenheim, after an attack on Glitter Gleam sets off the alarm and it becomes apparent that the police calming the resulting mob are validating citizen's ID chips, Freezo distracts the police by incinerating 9 random people in the crowd with Burning Hands (10 victims). He is able to escape justice by leveraging police corruption, but he does lose his gun in the process, having it replaced by a police-issue non-lethal shotgun. Freezo's Colt 45 is replaced by Mr. Sour.

He uses this gun in the raid on ZOG bank to threaten Dichael Carmichael into unlocking access to the server room. On the way to Freeside he shoots a fleeing tribesperson in the back of the head (11), cheers for Philge when she kills Grundle Cocksplat to take over the tribe herself, and then kills slave-owner Friendly Pete (who did challenge him to combat) by tricking him into riding a Battle-Roo loaded with explosives, spectacularly killing him, the roo, and its joey (14).

Freezo uses his previously undiscovered share dealing skills to raise enough money for the Friends to pay their entry stake at the Haystack casino. After the friends are locked in the casino's holding cell for Philge's theft of chips from Julian Fairbanks, Philge and Freezo stage a fight in which Freezo is quite badly wounded due to Philge's misinterpretation of the word "stage", and then uses Crown of Madness to cause one of their guards to kill the other (15). Once they reach Freeside, Freezo is shocked to discover that his connection to his source of magic is severed while on the orbital station, and instead attempts to sneak past Two Guards by firing his shotgun into the air, starting another riot and also causing an automatic function of the police-issue shot gun to call for backup. This results in Freezo being tasered by the police and needing to be rescued by Philge. After being taken backstage, Freezo sadistically disables a wounded Stoot-man by squirting hand sanitizer into his open wounds and escapes the concert with the other Friends.

At the Freeside plaza, Freezo notices and approaches Sirius-6 Dumbleboy hanging around the Horizon compound, leading to the Friends' introduction to the Zhivago Twelve. Freezo assists Philge and the Twelve in disabling the Freeside computer system using the Haywire Cube, while the other Friends prepare to rush into the Voss-Saito Compound to unfreeze Johnny while the systems are down. It is during this deception that Mail Chimp attempts to declare that Freezo is her son, resulting in a curious relationship forming between the two of them. Freezo activates the Haywire cube while Philge and Mail Chimp distract the guards, but when they later meet Mr Terminal - the head of Voss-Saito security - Freezo is shot and mortally wounded after attempting to garotte him with a yo-yo cord. He is nursed back to health by Mail Chimp suckling him with her healing nipple implant, further strengthening the relationship between them.

Freezo is then revealed to have been a critical part of the plan all along, as Michael Hing (NPC), aged and trapped on the satellite, has led the team here in order to trade places with Freezo and adventure with the Friends. Stunned by the paradoxical meta-implications of this and the possible consequences of doing so, Freezo is unable to act, but the other Friends lift his gun in his hand and pull his finger on the trigger, causing him to kill Michael Hing for Temporary Hit Points (16). He then escapes with the other Friends.

Total victim count: 16. Only the Burning Hands casting at the Guggenheim gave Freezo a significantly higher kill count than the other Friends, unless it is assumed that Freeside was completely destroyed and that Freezo was responsible for this as he activated the Haywire Cube. In that case, his victim count for this season is likely in the thousands or millions, including Bobson Dugnuts, Sebastian Bumblebee, all the remaining members of the Zhivago Twelve, and Meegan the authoress. Since he did not enter Season 4 with several million temporary hit points, it can be assumed that his connection to the Haywire Cube was insufficient to do so, or that his patron deemed him to be only following Fairbanks' orders.

Also, although he may have tried, there is not a single Murder by Witch Bolt in season 3.

Yulemas Special (2017)

Tomb of Annihilation

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