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Freezo is a high elf Warlock and member of the Dragon Friends. He is known for bluntness, cynicism, and general bloodthirsty lack of impulse control, but is also very protective of his friends Philge and Bobby Pancakes. Freezo is a strong (some might say too strong) proponent of various social causes. He loves costumes of all kinds, dreams of becoming a baker, and is a strong proponent of unions.

Upon reaching Warlock Level 2, Freezo gains a pseudodragon familiar named Bushu who regards him with loathing.

His overall ruthlessness has led to a disproportionally high kill count among the Dragon Friends, usually Murder by Witch Bolt.

Before the Dragon Friends

Freezo was abandoned in his infancy at the door of the Temple of Mystra in Daggerford. Per the events of A Very Dragon Chrisfriends, his parents sensed a dangerous potential in their son, and hoped that priests and scholars could provide appropriate guidance and discipline.

Freezo was raised as an acolyte under the care of Mistress Lorna. Sheltered inside temple walls, his adventures with the Dragon Friends represent his first exposure to the outside world. Freezo has difficulty adjusting to the stresses and opportunities of outside life and resorts with a mixture of eagerness, social ineptitude and outright murder.

Season 1

Season 2

A Very Dragon Chrisfriends (2016)

Season 3

Yulemas Special (2017)

Tomb of Annihilation

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