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I'm a halfling. It's exactly what it sounds like!
Bobby Pancakes is a Halfling rogue, eventual werewolf, and inaugural member of the Dragon Friends. Bobby is known for his sharp wit, nimble hands, good-natured attitude and loyalty to his friends. He is the only known member of House Pancake.

Bobby is an appreciator of art and music. was fascinated by werewolves and went out of his way to become infected with lycanthropy in S1. While transformed, Bobby becomes Robert, a smooth-talking jazz lover over whom Bobby has a questionable measure of control.

Before the Dragon Friends

Bobby Pancakes grew up in Waterdeep and attended Waterdeep High. He befriended Tabitha from the strip tavern Wenches! Wenches! Wenches! He became a small-time criminal and member of the Waterdeep Guild of Thieves, Tricksters and Beggars and was in debt to Janos Meer, the Beggar King.

Unable to repay this debt, he went on the run and began to lay low in the small down of Daggerford. He began to hang out (and live) in the Dragonback Tavern alongside his friends Philge and Freezo.

Season 1

Strapped for cash, the Dragon Friends look for work on a job board in Dragonback Tavern. They decide to audition for a role performing at the birthday revels of the Duke of Daggerford. Bobby is forced to think on his feet when Freezo summarily murders Leonard Swiftfeatures, one of the other auditioners. They are framed for the murder of the Duke of Daggerford and are forced on the run.

They end up back in Bobby's hometown of Waterdeep where Janos Meer began to pressure him to pay back his debts. He forced the Dragon Friends to help him take down the Secret Cult wreaking human-supremacist havoc across the city.

Season 2

Bobby begins season 2 by sending the rest of the known alive party members from season 1 letters bearing the seal of the House of Pancake, from his dwelling in the village of Barovia. They come to meet him in the Blood and Vine Tavern, and the DnD adventure of Strahd Von Sarovich begins.

Baston from their first meeting has a sizeable crush on Freezo, who in a critical failure in perception thinks that Baston has a crush on Bobby.

Bobby spends the season taking every opportunity possible to turn into his alter ego Robert the jazzy werewolf, and the dragon friends spend a night attempting to restrain him.

Upon entering Castle Ravenloft and after some ill-mannered betrayals on Freezo's part, Bobby and Philge pin Freezo to the wall, and Bobby demands Freezo's co-operation, and no more needless murder, Freezo agrees, but doesn't really follow through.

The Dragon Friends defeat Strahd after a real shitstorm and a whole lot of bats, and the three adventurers now joined permanently by Baston are hurled through a portal to a new technologically advanced world.

Season 3

Season 4

Tomb of Annihilation

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